Our mission ... or how I got the idea ...

My storytelling

This is not a blog or a diary , but an online shop. Nevertheless, as the founder of this company, I would like to be close to you in this chapter andreveala few things about my private life .
Since I had native flat feet as a toddler, I know how difficult it is to correct the misalignment. Several visits to the orthopedic surgeon, shoe systems that have to be re-measured and reordered after a short time ... I wanted to save all of that with my child.
For this reason, I looked for preventive measures in advance. I already knew thatthe best developmentfor small feet was to walk barefoot .

Since the arch of the foot develops in the first few years of life, the soles of the feet should have a lot of contact with the different surfaces. Unfortunately, here in the north you can rarely walk barefoot, unless in midsummer or on the beach. That's why I looked for carpets with a massage effect ... and found them!
Fortunately, they didn't look like a medical torture device, but came in bright, child-friendly colors and designs. The massage mat consists of individual modules that a child can put together like pieces of a puzzle .
I wanted the mat right away. However, it wasn't available in Germany or Europe, I ordered a set from abroad.

Since my daughter has been able to walk , she has loved to play with the pieces of the puzzle, they accompany her everywhere - in the children's room , in the kitchen, but also outside in the garden . Other children and their parents who are visiting us are also enthusiastic about the puzzle mat.
This is how my business idea came about. I am so convinced of this product that I would like to recommend it to you and your child with a clear conscience .

Your Alexandra

Orthopuzzle for kids